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What Ever Happened To The Art of Black & White

Gone are the days when photographers used black and white film. The introduction of color, around thirty to forty years ago, replaced black and white in the global market, the same has occurred today, with digital replacing color film. Everywhere you go, you see digital cameras and camcorders. The only place you will see black and white film being used almost exclusively is in the area of newspaper photojournalism. Even some of the worlds best magazines use digital photographs. An Internet search is about the only other place you will find people using B&W, or by visiting the local art galleries and museums. There are very few B&W photographers left. But I guess that's progress. What happened? Most of the great B&W photographers, including American photographer Ansel Adams, French photographer Eugene Atget, British photographer and Bill Brandt, have died, leaving just their legacies. Today, people have realized the ease of digital, thus making B&W a lost art.