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Photographing A Home For Sale

Ok, now that you've completely gone through the home and done on the prep work, it's time to begin the job you were hired to do, creating a great set of photos of the home. Where to start?  That's pretty much your own decision.  I've seen colleagues of mine start from the inside and finish with the outside or start from the outside and finish with the inside. I personally started from the front of the house and finished with the backyard.  Just my own preference if being kinda orderly.  No matter which way you start, its up to you, the process should be pretty much the same. What makes the best photos?  This again is your own preference, but I don't recommend using a single shot with flash format.  Most new cameras now have an HDR function and since they only take 2 or 3 different exposures (brackets) I also don't recommend using this either. My personal recommendation is to shoot at least 5 different exposures (brackets) of the same shot.  Seven is bett

What To Do Prior To Photographing A Home

Have you ever been looking through the MLS or online "Homes For Sale" listings and wonder why some of the homes you see listed there look so horrible? Well let's take a look at what is the needed to make your clients, or your home stand out from the crowd. As a photographer, upon arrival at a home for a shoot, the very first thing after unpacking and bringing the equipment you're going to use inside the home, is to do a thorough walk through of the home with the seller or real estate agent if possible.  In some cases, however, neither the real estate agent nor the seller will be available to accompany you on this walk through.  What you are looking for are things which are out of place, things which need to be properly arranged or removed, toilet seats which are up and need to be put down, shower curtains which need to be either closed or straightened, throw rugs which need to be properly arranged or removed, nick knacks which may clutter the shot, bathroom and k

Golf - The Only Sport Where You Compete Against Yourself.

Now some of you will say, this is not true.  Golf can be a team sport.  Yes you're right as well, but think about this.  Football, Basketball, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, and even Tennis you have to have an opponent. In golf, you don't always have an opponent, except in tournaments, but even there you are competing against yourself. Again you say, How? Well let's break it down.  In golf, you can play at your own pace, by yourself or with friends.  You're always trying to improve your scores and handicap. Only you can do this, no other can do it for you. When playing a leisurely round of golf, if you hit a bad shot, then this can and sometimes does have an effect on you final score. It also can have an effect on your mental state in the game as well and thus affecting the final score also.  Now let's look at the competition side of golf. Assuming you like to bet with your friends, golf is also a competitive sport, but even in this type of friendly wager,