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Philippine COVID - 19 And The Truth.

As of the 2015 Census, the total population in Central Luzon Philippines was 11.22 Million people and the region encompasses a very large area.  (See this website:,119.8405344,8.3z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x33972fc30b864ae1:0xacda5d7d477e0834!8m2!3d15.4827722!4d120.7120023 ). Now the Philippine Department of Health states on their website ( ) that there are only 353 COVID 19 cases to date, this means that the ratio of COVID cases to the population is 3.15E-5 or more easily 0.00315%. This is really a small infinitesimal number and yet we are considered in a high risk category. Now if we get down to the numbers listed of total cases, vs total deaths, total cases vs total recoveries and total cases vs. total for validation, these numbers will change slightly. Total deaths are 26, total recovered are 22, total for validation are 88 and total hospitalized are 217.  The numbers show a small amount o

Another doctor exposes the covid plandemic (Dr. Rashid Buttar)


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