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The Edit Room

Now that you've gone through and photographed each and every room, it's time to get down to basics in the edit room.  There are many different ways to blend the photos of each room or shot together from the Internet. My preference is one called "Enfuse GUI".  This one allows you to load all the photos at one time into the program, then tell it how many photos you used to make up each shot, such as 3, 5, 7, or 9.  My preference is to use 9 different exposures with a 1 stop difference and an EV value of -7 to -1. After you have loaded all the photos into the program, you just choose how many photos are to be blended from each shot/room, the click the "Enfuse It" button at the top.  From here you just sit back and wait for Enfuse GUI to do its thing.  When it's done, the program will have blended all your photos and deposited them into a separate folder.  All you have to do now is proceed to the next step, unless there has been a mistake in the blen