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Comparisons of Corona Virus to Influenza to H1N1

I have to vent. According to numbers, there have been 471,363 cases of coronavirus around the world. Of that number, 21,249 have died and 114,642 have recovered. Thus, is this virus really that deadly?! In percentages, about 4.51% die after contracting this so called deadly virus and 24.32% recover. The recovery rate is much larger than the death rate. Now lets take the common influenza numbers. Worldwide, the WHO estimates between 3 to 5 million cases will occur for the 2019 - 2020 seasons. Now of those cases, 250,000 to 500,000 deaths have occurred. So doing the numbers percentage wise, this means that between 8.33% and 10% of the world population will die from contracting plain old influenza. In 2009, the CDC estimated between 43.3-89.3 million cases of the H1N1 virus world in the US alone and around 12,469 deaths. World wide the number of deaths were much higher, between 151,700-575,400. Numbers don't lie people. H1N1 is second next to the c

Was COVID 19 Developed As A Biological Weapon In China?

COVID 19 was talked about by one of the Microsoft founders, Bill Gates back in 2015.  If you don't believe this, then here's the link to the You Tube Video. . For years Communist governments as well as Free World governments have been engaged in propaganda against each other. Threats included, nuclear war, as back in the Kennedy years, to biological war which is going on now. Both sides have been producing highly deadly virus's and bacteria which could potentially wipe out the population of the world, but now take this into consideration!! The countries which have produced these deadly outbreaks, also hold the key to stopping the outbreaks in the tracks. Why did Wuhan all of a sudden have a drastic reduction in infections?  Could it have been that the Chinese government already had an anecdote?  Maybe so!!. But now look at the numbers.  The  CDC estimated that 151,700-575,400 people worldwide died from (H1N1)pdm09 virus infec

COVID 19 Originating in Bats? I Don't Think So!! This news article states the coronavirus originated in bats!!! WOW what a profound statement!!! OK, now for the million dollar question!! The dumbest statement made that COVID 19 originated in bats!! Now here are the questions I bet scientists can't answer!! How in the hell did the bats contract this virus in the first place and why wasn't this virus known about years ago, or was it because someone decided to inject the virus into the bats, release them into the population, just to watch what would happen?!!! This virus, along with the others over the years was not a product of an animal, plant or microbe, but was man made like all of them, to test the physiology of biological warfare on the masses!!!!!! The next question is this, Why have all the major deadly virus's originated in countries with high populations? Think about this for a minute!!! Governments have been tinkerin